Agorify Releasing Another Round of Ingenious Features

3 min readAug 21, 2021

One of the biggest advantages of digitizing your event is that you can instantly have analytics of your attendee’s activities — something that definitely could come in handy when organizing your next event.

What’s more, according to Event MB the three most important things that event pros are looking for in event management software is support, features, and analytics. With that in mind, Agorify recently released new features, including some tightly related to analytics.

However, before anything else, let’s remind you what exactly Agorify is.

What is Agorify?

Agorify is the first true-hybrid all-in-one event management platform on the event tech market, providing features for all three types of events: hybrid, online and onsite. Nevertheless, what truly makes us stand out is not only our true hybrid technology but also our flexibility, scalability and affordability.

So without wasting any time, let’s give a jumpstart and reveal what exactly our development team has worked on lately.

Organizers could export analytics of the attendees’ activities

As previously mentioned, analytics are crucial for successful execution of your events. To meet the needs of our customers, we worked hard on releasing a feature that allows event organizers to check how many times attendees visited the exhibitors' booths during a specific time.

After that, they could also export the report as a CSV file and provide it to the exhibitors so they could have a clear overview of their visitors.

Exhibitors could see who visited their booth

The number one reason why exhibitors are part of an event is the opportunity to establish contact with people who might be interested in becoming their customers. When it comes to onsite events that is easy as they can easily approach people, give them promotional material and initiate the contact.

Yet again, when it comes to online events, this might not be as simple as it sounds. Many event management platforms are created in a way for attendees to be the first to approach exhibitors or either exhibitors to contact random people without knowing whether they visited their booth or not. And that doesn’t sound very convenient, to say the least, right?

Thus, we decided to go a little bit further and released a brand new feature that allows exhibitors to see who visited their booth, and then to initiate contact with them. Sounds great, right?!

Tier banners displayed on the exhibitor’s booths

Another amazing feature that exhibitors would love is the opportunity to add banners to a tier list. It will allow them to make their branding even more visible as it will be the first thing that attendees will see once they enter the exhibitor’s booth.

Direct livestream display on home page

Another super convenient feature that Agorify recently released is to display a live stream track session of the mainstage as soon as attendees enter the event. The reason why we believe this is important is that it will save attendees time and improve their overall experience especially if they are not that tech-savvy.

To Wrap Up

Are you excited about these new features as much as we are?! Remember, that these are not the only features that Agorify offers! In fact, we have many more depending on the type of event that you’d like to organize and we are also super cost-effective!

Eager to learn more? Let’s talk!

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