How to Determine Your Attendee Persona? 5 Easy Steps

3 min readJun 16, 2022


Every business regardless of its industry has its own target audience. To better determine the target audience, marketers often do research in order to create the ideal buyer or user persona for the business they are working on. They do this by gathering and analyzing data.

In the event industry, this type of ideal buyer or user persona is often referred to as an “attendee persona”.

Check out how you can discover the ideal attendee persona for your events.

Collect data.

Collect data from people who went to your previous event or at least signed up for your lead generation forms and showed an interest. Check out Google Analytics to find data about what type of audience visits your website.

Conduct your own survey.

If you are just starting your event organizing business and you lack your own data then you can always run a survey. In this survey, you can ask people who love attending events such as yours about their demographics, past event experiences, what they liked and what they didn’t, what they would like to see in the next event they attend, why they attend a certain event, which event format they prefer, do they like using event apps, etc. You can share this survey on your social media and pay an ad for better reach.

Review your competition.

Your competition could be a key indicator of your target audience, especially if they are already an established company. Check out their social media followers as well as those who like and comment on their social media posts. Take a note on which social media their presence is the strongest.

Analyze that data.

Determine the most common job titles of the people in your data, the most common industries they work for, how they like to network, what kind of event format they prefer, whether they are tech-savvy as well as their demographics. Create a report out of these details.

Find the pattern.

To finally determine what is your ideal attendee person, you should determine the pattern you see in the gathered data. This means determining the most common demographics, job titles and other details. As you do this, write it down and give your attendee persona a name.

In some cases, you might have only one attendee persona. In other cases, you can have more, but one of them is usually more prominent.

Here is an example of what an ideal attendee persona report should look like:

Event Attendee Persona Sample

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