Top 8 Best Eventbrite Alternatives: Reviews and Comparison

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Eventbrite is great, however, sometimes it might not be the right fit for your event. Are you making research about which are the best Eventbrite alternatives? Then you are in the right place!

Very often the number of sold tickets is one of the crucial KPIs about whether an event was successful or not. There are several factors that can affect the number of sold tickets and even more importantly, the ROI. One such factor is the registration and event ticketing system used during the selling process.

Is it user-friendly, what’s the ticket commission fee, and does it come with other beneficial features — these are things that should be considered when looking for an event ticketing system or an Eventbrite alternative.

Without further ado, let’s find out which are the top best Eventbrite alternatives that you should definitely check out.

The number one Eventbrite alternative is Agorify. It is an all-in-one True Hybrid Event management platform with its own event ticketing system supported by Stripe integration. It supports both credit and debit cards and provides fast and reliable payouts.

With Agorify’s Event Ticketing software, event organizers can easily create multiple ticket pages or list multiple tickets per page in case their event offers different ticket packages for different types of audiences. To help them boost their sales strategy, this event ticketing system allows selling group tickets, setting bundle ticket discounts, and running discounts on specific pages as well as on all ticket types.

The ticket commission fee that Agorify charges depends on which pricing plan is being used. The ticket commission fee in the Free plan is 4.95%, in the Organizer plan (€49/month) is 3.49%, in the Business plan (€299/month) is 2.89% and custom fee in their Custom plan.

However, what really makes Agorify cost-effective is that by selling tickets event organizer get free access to Agorify’s full event management platform with 100+ features and no attendee cap limit! The best of all is that it is done instantly — as soon as someone purchases a ticket they receive the ticket, QR code for onsite self check-in, and access to the Agorify event app automatically.

This can not only help event organizers cut costs, but also improve their efficiency and provide better registration, networking, and engagement experience to all event participants.

The second on our list of the best Eventbrite alternatives is Eventcube. It is another all-in-one event management platform with a built-in event ticketing solution. It is very easy platform to navigate through, making the purchasing process for attendees seamless. Eventcute uses SecureSeat in order to help event organizers secure their content and make it available only to attendees who have tickets.

Evencube is equipped with white labeling capabilities for creation of branded ticketing pages. It supports social discounts, it has Sold Out Marketplace for safe re-sell of unwanted tickets, onsite ticket scanning, and integration with a number of other platforms.

In terms of pricing, you can decide whether to choose to pay as you go starting at a 5% transaction fee with a free monthly membership or you can pay £35.00/month for the Pro package that offers a 3% transaction fee and a few additional features.

The next Eventbrite alternative on our list is Hopin. Despite being an event management platform where event organizers can manage their events, Hopin also offers an event ticketing solution just like Eventbrite does.

Hopin allows you to customize your registration page in order to make it more appealing to potential attendees and offers the ability to create different ticket types. It also lets event organizers have full control over which currency will be used during the selling process and limit the number of tickets in order to avoid overselling.

When it comes to pricing, Hopin’s ticket commission fees depend on their monthly pricing plans. The Free plan has a ticket commission fee of 15%, the Starter plan ($99 / month) has a ticket commission fee of 7%, the Growth plan ($799 / month) has a ticket commission fee of 4% and the Advanced plan (Custom) has a commission fee of 2%. This doesn’t include the Stripe fee which depends on the country in which the event organizer is based.

Besides being an event management platform like the ones listed above, Whova also offers an event ticketing solution such as Eventbrite. What sets Whova apart from Eventbrite is the fact that it has confirmation emails for different ticket types and customizable registration form questions.

Another great benefit is that its ticketing solution integrates with Whova’s overall event management platform for content access, engagement, networking, and automatic agenda web page creation.

In terms of pricing, Whova’s commission fee is 2.0% + $0.99 per paid ticket.

If you are organizing your event using Zoom Events then Tixoom might be the right event ticketing solution for you. By using Tixoom, you can easily sell your tickets or receive donations for your Zoom event (note: it is a Zoom-only event ticketing solution).

Unlike the previous event ticketing systems, Tixoom doesn’t offer a subscription, all you have to do is just sign in with your Zoom account, select for which event you want to sell your tickets, link it to your payment processor and share the link with your audience. Tixoom accepts any credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. It supports selling ticket bundles and creating discount codes for optimizing your ticket sales strategy.

The best thing about Tixoom is that it works for both — paid and free Zoom accounts and the ticket commission fee is 3% + payment processor fee.

EventMobi also makes a great Eventbrite alternative. This event management platform offers an event registration solution that event organizers can use in order to sell tickets and receive payments.

The features that are part of this product include customized event registration websites, reporting, hardware and software for event self check-in and badge printing, custom invitation emails, CMS integration, and more.

To get to know EventMobi’s pricing, you need to request a demo.

Accelevents is a user-friendly event management platform that also offers seamless registration and event ticketing solution that is worth checking out. It allows you to sell tickets (individually and in groups) customize invitation emails and badges in order to reflect your event’s brand, construct seating charts, to enable attendees to view and register to sessions in advance, get reports and much more.

It has two pricing packages: Scale ($125/month) and Enterprise ($1,250/month). The paid registration service fee for both of the packages is $1.50 + 3.5% capped at $19.95. These two packages differ in features such as Attendee Days Included, Multi-Organizer Profiles, Sessions Per Event, cost of badge printing and others.

Last, but not least on our best Eventbrite alternatives list is Eventtia. This event management platform is equipped with amazing features and tools for all event types. Between those tools, you can also Eventtia’s event ticketing software to which you can integrate a few payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago, Adyen, PayU, and Wompi.

If you choose to use this tool for selling event tickets, you would be able to set online registration, configure pricing tiers, create early-bird tickets, generate discount codes, speed up your onsite check-in process and more. However, to find out how much it will cost you, you will need to request a demo.

To Wrap Up

Eventbrite is an amazing event management that is super popular among event organizers, particularly, when it comes to ticketing. However, every event is different which is why Eventbrite might not always be the right fit for your event. We hope that the above-listed Eventbrite alternatives helped you out during your research.

Once again, we’d like to highlight that by using Agorify you also get access to the entire event management system with 100+ features without an attendee cap limit completely for free! To find out more about this and start selling event tickets with Agorify click here.

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